Tanz Spaziergänge

Produced In the frame of Workshop programme HERBST TANZ 2021
Either to listen alone, to try out together with friends or to take part in the realm of our launch walks with the artists, which took place in autumn 2021 – the Tanz Spaziergänge are audio workshops to go, in which we invite you to go out with various movement instructions and dance suggestions. Many levels of sensual experience meet: being outside in real physical space and one's own body perception, which mix with auditory impressions, ideas, narratives, fictions or music. A moving walk that also encourages you to step out of your own limitations.

Tanz Spaziergang #1
Mauer Meditationen
By & with Jess Curtis & Gerald Pirner
Listen & Download from Saturday 23.10.2021
Location: Individually at Berlin Wall Memorial, U8 Bernauer Str. 
For among others, also sight-impaired audience
In German
Tanz Spaziergang #2
By & with Christa Flaig Isaacs; Bona Ngoumou; Janos Crecelius; Elisabeth Leopold
Launch (Live Performance): Saturday 30.10.2021, 15:00
Location: Tempelhofer Feld
In German
Tanz Spaziergang #3
The Body is the Story
By & with Ka Rustler, Music: Florentin Karg
Launch (Live-Audio-Walk): Sunday 31.10.2021; 15:00h
Location: Viktoriapark
In English

Tanz Spaziergang #4
Fische in Wolken
By & with Teresa Hoffmann & Kadysha N`Diaye
Launch (Live-Audio-Walk): Sunday 7.11.2021; 15:00h
Locations: Berlin: Viktoriapark  + Hamburg: Planten un Blomen
For people from 7 years on
In German

Supported by Fonds Darstellende Künste with funds from the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media.
↪  Artists: Jess Curtis & Gerald Pirner; Ka Rustler; Theresa Hoffman & Kadysha N`Diaye; Christa Flaig-Isaacs, Janos Crecelius & Bona Ngoumou
↪  Sound design: Mattef Kuhlmey
↪  Curated by Elisabeth Leopold, Christa Flaig-Isaacs
↪  The audios for the walks will be available until 31.12.2021.

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