Moving through styles

31.07.23 – 04.08.23
A different kind of summer - with a colorful mix of styles including Kathak, Samba, Bollywood Dance, always combined with approaches from contemporary dance. From 31.07.23 - 05.08.23, Tanzfabrik Berlin will be devoting itself to a wide variety of dance styles and combinations of these, conceived and developed by Berlin dancers. The idea of this week is to gain an insight into the different physical researches and backgrounds of Berlin dance makers working at the interface of non-European and European dance styles.
Participants can book the whole week or individual classes.

In addition, we offer a performance project with Nadine Freisleben.

Be curious and excited! The offer is varied and there is bound to be something for everyone.

↪  Information on the individual classes will follow soon.

↪  Jiutamai Dance 
 Hana Umeda 
↪  (H)overgrounding
Lennard Dzudzek
↪ Expressive Movement – Exploring Eyes, Face, & Hands in Dance 
 Ghazal Ramzani
↪ The AudioVisual Body 
 Ghazal Ramzani
↪  Body Harmony
 Lynet Rivero Rubio 
↪  Cuban Modern Dance    
 Lynet Rivero Rubio
↪  Indian Contemporary Dance  
 Vasundhara Srivastava
↪  Bollywood Fusion
 Vasundhara Srivastava
↪  Moving BATUCADA    
 Stephanie Day
↪  (A-Uga) Afro Ugandan dance    
 Michael Kaddu 
↪  Afro Fusion
 Nadine Freisleben

↪  Performance Project: Playing with Gravity / releasing the roar
Nadine Freisleben

↪  Professional Training:  As a wave between dance and theater
Daniela Marcozzi

↪  Single class: 120 min 15 € 
↪  3 class tickets: 40€ 
↪  Flatrate: 95€ 
↪  Professional class: 10€  
↪  Performance project: 200 € / red: 180 € / professional dancers: 160 € –not included in flatrate!