Open Spaces - How to get in Touch with…

16.10. - 08.11.2020
After many quiet months, Tanzfabrik Berlin is delighted to welcome the audience once more to OPEN SPACES! This autumn edition is dedicated to learn anew “How to get in Touch with…”, especially during a pandemic. The artists presented in OPEN SPACES - How to get in Touch with... are engaging and challenging our interpersonal and socio-ecological relationships. For example, the works of Ivana Müller, Shannon Cooney and Miriam Jakob are exploring the correlation between humans and nature, as well as the responsibility for one's own actions. The choreographies of Emmilou Rößling and Julian Weber bring haptic surfaces and textiles in connection with different techniques of dance. The reflection on history and the archiving of it, characterizes the work of Christina Ciupke & Darko Dragičević and WILHELM GROENER. And while Ellinor Ljungkvist's choreography deals with stories of anger, Jasna Vinovrški opens for a space for healing.

With this edition of OPEN SPACES - How to get in Touch with we want to get in touch again, with dance and performances, in discursive formats, with artists, and most of all with our audiences: with you – a warm welcome!

The Team of Tanzfabrik Berlin