Oster Tanz 2015

With the title “Oster Tanz”, Tanzfabrik Berlin focuses on a programme of workshops, informal showings and talks with internationally renowned artists and teachers. This year with well known guests Eva Karczag, Frey Faust, Elsa Wolliaston, Susanne Linke, Beate Cuson and Eva Blaschke, a visit of Mark Tompkins and the intensive Dancemaker Lab at Uferstudio 14 with Peter Pleyer and Eszter Gál. We also welcome the introductory workshop Integrative DancePedagogy with Werner Huschka, which is the start-up of the new training programme of Tanzfabrik Berlin in coopera-tion with the Deutsches Institut für Tanzpädagogik (DiT). Our popular conversation and performance evening “Teaching and Performance Practice“, which was conceived as part of “Tanz Hoch Zwei“ festival, will continue in its third editition, inviting some of the artists to exchange with each other and the audience.
 We are looking forward to your visit!

Workshop Programme