Jump into the Future

We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their incredible support over the last few months. The donations we have received through our Jump Into The Future! campaign have made such an important, indeed indispensable, contribution to our survival. 

At different points, we have used the donations raised as grass roots to get through these times creatively. Step by step we have moved and are still moving with the circumstances, asking ourselves again and again what we need most as a location, staff, participants, artists, as part of the dance scene and our community, and how it is possible to continue. In this sense, the donations were used as own funds in three applications, which served to co-finance our teachers, as well as the expansion and promotion of our online offers. In addition, the money was used to consider and implement alternative meeting formats, some of which were free of charge. The donations also supported us with purchases to maintain and improve hygiene measures and with the growing technical requirements for the online classes.

More than just a single leap, we have thus - at times forwards, sideways and backwards - jumped into the future with your help and are excited about all the further steps and leaps that will follow.

Your Tanzfabrik Berlin