R.E.D. Residency Artists 2021

Jee Chan

Since 2015, I have been developing a series of work based on my body’s relationship to various other bodies of water. The contexts within which this series is located and the compulsions behind it are diverse, yet collectively resonate from my maternal grandmother’s experience of undertaking a sea-crossing, fleeing from a Japanese invasion of her home in Guangzhou to Singapore. My current practice is concerned with re-imagining the world through ocean-based perspectives which detach from a static understanding of post-colonial identities and territories. During my residency at Tanzfabrik, I will extend my research into orality and embodied knowledge in Southeast Asian contexts through the development of two choreographic projects in parallel — bendungan and sea flights (every one of them landed on a beach like this). I will be doing so in relation with individuals who hold diasporic histories, as well as with specific sites in and around Berlin.

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Carrie McILwain

In the first phase of their residency, they will be investigating soundscapes working with extended vocal techniques and live recording. In collaboration with Johanna Ackva and Amos Zielinski they will search for the sonic atmospheres and experiences of the: "witches sabbath", a coven as choir, and the voices of the accused and accuser.

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Roger Sala Reyner

In the short essay “The Carrier Bag Theory of Fiction” Ursula K. Le Guin beautifully writes about Elizabeth Fisher’s Carrier Bag Theory of human evolution. In her book “Woman’s Creation: Sexual Evolution and the Shaping of Society” Fisher tells: “The first cultural device was probably a recipient (…) a container to hold gathered products (…)”. And Le Guin elaborates: “A leaf a gourd a shell a net a bag a sling a sack a bottle a pot a box a container. A holder. A recipient.”

I have invited 4 collaborators with whom I’ve engaged in the past and with whom I have an ongoing working-affective-collaborative relationship to fill up the bag with me. I’ve asked every one of them, all of us, to take on ourselves the task to respectively curate a week for each other, 5 times 5 days of exchange that others will join. And on the 6th week we’ll gather again to look together at what has been collected. Instead of being a sharp tool to carve a production, through our incongruent/quirky generosity toward one another, this residency should hopefully become a soft container, a caring and carrying bag wide enough to receive and make available anything that we are willing to share and find on the way. In it, we will joyfully confuse our roles and playfully mix the un-mixable to the point where, hopefully, something beautiful will spring out of the womb of our unexpected co-creation.

Litó Walkey 

Developing collaboratively through circuits of transversal interdisciplinary processes my work operates with language and writing as a mediating device that nourishes collective processes to compress, translate, disrupt and displace location, sense-making and intention. This residency will support the development of my long-term research project ‘Critical Ecologies in Choreographic Practices’, that addresses alternative modes of disseminating creative processes. The project aims to create public spaces for critical thinking and experimentation unbound by single authorship, discipline or terminus.
Discursive and practical exchange with Berlin-based colleagues will consider how publishing, curating and audio recording practices could enhance participatory engagement. This will be complimented by dialogue with writer/artist/ publisher Renee Gladman, musician/composer Boris Hauf and visual artist/set designer Nadia Lauro.

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